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Our Story

A letter from Lindsay McLean, Co-founder and CEO of HomeLister

Several years ago, I sold my home and used the same agent who helped me buy in the past. I was excited to sell my first home, but quickly found myself doing most of the work - I was getting it ready to show (it’s hard to make a home look like no one lives in it!), coordinating schedules with agents, researching home prices in the area, and setting the initial sale price. I was surprised to learn that selling a home involved so many more administrative tasks than buying, which is much more about evaluating which home is right and how much is it worth.

My home sold in less than a week to a buyer without an agent, which allowed my agent to keep the full 6% commission (called double-ending the deal). I was thrilled about the sale but ended up writing a huge commission check at closing, which worked out to many thousands of dollars per hour worked. That commission check was worth more than 25% of my equity in the home. That blew my mind!

I knew there must be a better way.

I wanted an online service that would list your home on the MLS and other popular real estate search websites, then walk you through the home selling process without costing you 25% of your equity. It didn’t exist, and that’s why HomeLister was born.

HomeLister was built based on my experience in software design and real estate development, and on my cofounder, Jennifer Stein's experience as an attorney and real estate broker focused on interstate compliance. We aimed to build a home selling platform that would work across the country and make the home selling process simple.

We achieved our goals. HomeLister saves you an incredible amount of money and gets your home sold. And it even provides you with a better selling experience. Our clients tell us that they felt more informed about the process, more connected to our team, and happier about their sale than they ever did with a local in-person agent. We hope you agree. We are proud to help you sell your home and keep your hard earned equity right where it should be - in your pocket!

Our Mission

To make selling a home simple, transparent, affordable and enjoyable!

Our Better Way

Selling a home is actually quite simple, but there are a lot of things to know and putting all that information together yourself can be daunting. That is why we created a standardized process on our website that walks you through the forms and processes each step of the way. We focus on providing you with honest, helpful information with a brokerage team always available to help when you need it.

Low Flat Fees and Never a Percentage

We believe you should pay for the amount of work we do for you, not for the size or price of your home.

We Only Represent Sellers

Sellers pay the realtor commissions. So you should decide how the home is sold.

Personalized for You

Our services are entirely online and virtual, providing you with the tools to successfully sell your home, while keeping thousands of dollars of your money that you would otherwise pay in commissions. Our technology enables us to provide quality services at dramatically lower prices than local agents. Our unique platform has a step-by-step guided process to list your home and our service structure allows you to conduct your own showings or have buyers’ agents conduct showings on your behalf. We provide services and guidance that rival traditional agents, including reviewing offers, handling paperwork, and handling your negotiations - you choose the level of service you desire. And we’ll send out professional photographers and yard sign installers to your home. We even have an app so you can show your home virtually to buyers and their agents.

The Results


Average Savings Per Sale


Total Client Savings

4.9 / 5.0

Our Zillow Rating. Our clients LOVE us!
Give us a try, it’s free to list with our Basic Plan. We look forward to helping you sell your home!

A little trivia...

Over the last 50 years, real estate prices have gone up more than the average American’s income. As that has happened, the standard 6% real estate commission has grown to be more and more outsized as a fee in relation to most people’s incomes.

The average American now has about 20% equity in their home at sale. And since the real estate commissions come only out of your 20% equity (not out of the bank’s 80% equity), a traditional 6% commission would be equal to 30% of your equity (see math below!). That is too high a price to pay as a transaction cost to sell your home.

$100,000 Home

$20,000 Owner’s Equity ($80,000 Loan)

$6,000 Realtor Commission

$6,000/$20,000 = 30%