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What is the MLS?

Does HomeLister put my home in the MLS?

Can I put my house on the MLS myself?

Do you List on Brooklyn MLS? **Brooklyn area only

What are the special requirements and costs in North Carolina?

Does HomeLister list on FMLS in the Atlanta area? (Atlanta area only)

Create Listing

Can I complete my listing entirely online?

How long will my house listing be active?

Will my listing have pictures? Who takes the pictures?

How do I get started?

Under "Payment terms" what are the most commonly accepted payment terms?

How long does it take to create a listing?

What happens after I complete my listing?

Can I finish my listing later?

How long is a listing for?

Does HomeLister support the sale of Short Sales?

Can I list a condo where the conversion is not yet complete?

Can I list the home without the address showing on the internet?

How often can I make changes to my listing?

Does HomeLister support the sale of mobile or manufactured homes?

Can I list a property that is in probate?

Can I list a home for sale on HomeLister that currently has a tenant?

If I am an agent, can I use this service to list a property for a client that wants to be in an MLS that I am not a member of?

Open Houses & Showings

Will my contact information be publicly available?

Who shows my home?

Will buyer's agents show my home if I'm not listed with a traditional agent?

How can I keep other real estate agents from calling me to get me to list with them?

How Do I Conduct a Virtual Showing?

How do I use the free HomeLister Live Tours app?

Marketing My Home

If I sell my home through HomeLister, where will buyers find my listing?

Where do you post the listing beyond MLS?

Do you post on Craigslist?

Who supplies the lock box and sign? Do I have to install the sign?

Do you provide home flyers?

Do you publish to international listing sites?

Can I choose to only have sellers email or text me?

How long does it take for the yard sign to be installed?

Do homes listed by HomeLister show as For Sale By Owner on Zillow or Agent listed?

Pricing & Commissions

What commission should I offer to buyer's brokers?

Do I have to accept an offer from a buyer's agent?

Are there any obligations after listing on the Free Listing package if I were to change my mind or have someone else sell the house?

Does HomeLister collect a commission when I sell my home?

Is there a charge for listing on your site?

How do commissions work with a traditional full service agent?

How do commissions work with HomeLister?

What if I sell to a buyer who saw the house before I listed?

What happens if I decide to rent out my home instead of sell it?

I really only want to do For Sale By Owner, can I choose no buyer's broker commission?

Can you do a pricing analysis for us before we sign up?

If I need to temporarily take my home off the market, can I temporary withdraw and then put it back on the market?

Can I relist a home listing that I have previously cancelled?

What happens if I sign a contract that falls out of escrow? Do I need to pay again?

HomeLister App

I've downloaded the HomeLister Live Tours app but don't know how to schedule a virtual tour. Are there any instructions on how to use it?

Contracts & Disclosures

Do I have to pay for a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report?

Does HomeLister provide me with Seller's Disclosure forms?

Can you provide a blank contract for use with a buyer who doesn't have an agent?

Do you provide attorney services?

How do you handle agent signature requests?

Do you do all the same paperwork as a local full service agent?

How many offers or contracts will you review?

Does HomeLister provide Title or Closing Services?

If there are files needed from my HOA, Utility, Mortgage Company or other 3rd parties who requests those?


What if I have questions?

How is HomeLister different than a traditional real estate listing?

Why Choose HomeLister?

Are there more answers than in this FAQ?

Can I exempt a potential buyer who has already seen my home?

Can I list a home that is already under contract?

Is HomeLister listing my home in the MLS as For Sale By Owner (FSBO)?

How long does it take to set up a premium or platinum listing to go live?

Can I list more than one property for sale?

Is the basic listing fee paid upfront or at closing?

Selling My Home

Why don't some homes sell?

Is the communication with the Broker done by phone, email or chat?

What if I decide that I want a full service agent?

What if I decide not to sell my home?