This Historic Victorian home has beauty and character. It features five stained glass windows and an escape-proof, easy clean-up large-dog kennel/porch and decking. The land features a thriving garden, plenty of green space, a picnic area, and includes a grill and custom dining table. All electrical and plumbing work is up to date. Refinished hardwood floors run throughout most of the home; however, the bathrooms and kitchen are tiled, and new carpet was recently installed in the master-bedroom. A video security system is included. The basement features pantry shelving, a freezer, and plenty of space for storage or a workstation. There are several storage closets throughout the home. The living room features a wood burning stove, which serves as a secondary heating system while rendering beauty and comfort to the home. The yard and property yields space and beauty for your imagination; your family will have room to grow here, to create here.