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Imagine a Balinese themed 5400 square foot 6 bedroom Eco-Resort on 1.1 acres of beachfront , with no road noise! We will explain how this is possible... but first, there is an 11 piece 1000 square foot commercial gym of lower back protecting “Hoist Roc-it” machines, on a one of a kind art epoxy floor, a salt water /ozone pool / infrared saunas (2), and Backyard Dolphins and Manatees on miles of estate lined 100 foot wide beach. The house is on the widest section of the key, which is one reason that we have no road noise , the other being that the house is a rock solid fortress built on 68 pilings of cement nestled 120 feet away from the street. We have mature Neem, Oregano, bamboo, mango , lemon grass, kefir lime, curry leaf (yes you can cook with all this), Sapote (yum), soursop , sweet berry and probably other exotic stuff we haven’t discovered. More cool touches: a 57” chefs sink with level 4 sky blue granite, the salt water and ozone pool we have to mention twice, a heavy metal filtration system, ozone laundry, and voice command phillips hue lighting, the worlds lowest EMF infrared sauna, and no voc organic eco beds, plus a $7000 Samina sleep system (worlds most ecological bed). Oh, on the extremes of health, we have almost no cell reception in the back living area (this is a great thing), and walls are replasterable with silver mesh (blocks 100 percent of wifi and cell) we bought (but did not install). Yes, we are health nuts, way before covid. About the area if dont know: bahamas like water, private jet strip 20 minutes away in Venice, the Tampa International airport 1.5 hours away, and you can take a 1.5 mile walk without seeing a single human, sometimes. And wallmart, etc. Is 20 minutes away. This is the best of remote , exotic Asia in America. Included is our video rendering from Bali’s best architect, Inspiral, as we know your imagination will flourish with possibilities…. Blessings and may your merit reward you in your search.